China loves Apple’s iPad

ipad 2Apple extended its market domination in the notepad world on Friday. The iPad 2 made its debut in China. Lines started at 5 PM on Thursday. Hundreds gathered in anticipation of Apple’s latest release at the Beijing store. Wristbands were issued in an attempt to maintain order amongst shoppers.

Consumers are not the only ones who gathered early at the Apple stores. Scalpers went retailing as well. Some individuals came away with 10 iPads in attempt to turn a quick profit. The scalper’s reasoning is simple. Why waste your time in line all night and day? After all, you can stand in line and still not own one if they run out. You might not even get your favorite color.

The iPad 2 is not only hot in the United States. The white iPad 2 sold out at Apple’s Shanghai store in just a couple of hours.

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