Computer Refurbishing

Southeastern Data has a steady stream of used computers and other electronics entering our facility for refurbishing.

After many years of delivering top-notch, certified, refurbished IT equipment—and standing behind it every step of the way—we have built hundreds of lasting relationships with companies and organizations all over the Midwest and Southeast Regions of the USA.

Factory serviced and refurbished products from Southeastern Data are items which have been shipped or dropped off to our authorized factory repair facility for testing, inspection, and repair and that have also been repaired by certified technicians.

All of our refreshed computers are sold in superior condition. We understand the business community’s need for us to provide affordable “refreshed,” or “refurbished” computer systems at the fairest possible price.
Take some time to shop our on-line stores with a click of a link below. We are proud to offer our refurbished products on two E-Bay sites and one with Amazon as well. Click a link below and get started!
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