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Find out why e-waste recycling is important to include in your organization, and how Southeastern Data can help you get closer to this sustainable and proactive business practice while you are here today.

Why is E-waste Recycling So Important?

Electronic waste has become the most rapidly growing segment of the municipal solid waste stream, so effective e-waste recycling and disposal is vital for our environment. Sadly, the EPA reports that e-waste in the U.S. had more than doubled since the year 2000, and a mere 13% of electronics are disposed of properly. E-waste contains plentiful valuable materials such as aluminum, copper, gold and silver.
Rather than relegating it to the landfill, unwanted electronic equipment can be refurbished, reused and recycled, conserving natural resources and reducing the energy needed to produce new electronic equipment. For example, recycling aluminum saves 90% of the energy needed to produce new aluminum. It just makes good environmental sense to recycle electronic scrap instead of just dumping it into a landfill.

E-waste also contains toxic and hazardous materials including lead and mercury. These materials have the potential to leach into our soil and water, so it’s imperative that we protect our surroundings with proper e-waste recycling and disposal. Southeastern Data is your e-waste recycling company. We’re leading the way in helping you achieve sustainability with electronics recycling!

As a premier electronics recycler, Southeastern Data serves businesses, schools, local and state governments, military and other customers with locations in Orlando, Florida; West Palm Beach, Florida; Columbus, Ohio; Columbia, South Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; North Carolina and Indiana—and decades of industry experience, we understand how important it is to dispose of and properly recycle old, excess, and non-working computers and electronics.


Amplifiers, Receiver-Transmitters, Oscillators, Frequency Control Indicators
Cable Boxes
(Analog, Digital, And Satellite)
CATV Components And Scrap
Cell Phones & Telephone Sets
(Desktops, Towers, Laptops, Servers)
(Cannon, Amp, etc.)
Copy Machines
Electric Meters & Gas Meters
Electric Motors
Fax Machines
Gaming Devices
Hard Drives, Floppy Drives, CD ROM’s
Insulated Cable, Wire Harnesses, Cable Assemblies
(Copper And Aluminum)
Mainframe Computer Equipment
Medical Equipment
(Anesthesia Units and IV Pumps)
(CRTs, LCDs, LEDs)
Naval Electronics
Power Supplies
Power Transmission Switchgear
Printed Circuit Boards
Projection Equipment
Radar & Sonar Equipment
Radio Equipment, Transponders
Tape Drives
Telecommunications Equipment
(Central Office, PBX, Toll, Carrier)
UPS Systems
Waveguide Assemblies
Don't see it, please ask!
More than 3.5 million tons of e-waste is generated in the U.S. each year, so it’s easy to see why proper computer electronics recycling is vitally important. Southeastern Data has the resources and experience to safely handle all types of electronics recycling.

Florida, Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia customers have relied on our expertise for decades. When your business, organization, school, military institution or government agency needs skilled, professional assistance with e-waste disposal and e-waste recycling, we hope you’ll turn to us.
Our years of experience in the e-waste and computer recycling industry make it easy for your organization to experience a stress-free way to recycle electronic scrap. Simply call us at 800.810.0432 or complete the online form to schedule a pick-up for your unwanted items or drop them off at one of our two warehouses in Orlando or Ohio. Electronics disposal has never been easier!
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