Office Equipment Recycling

Office equipment recycling is a growing trend, and with good reason.

If your office scanner, printer, fax machine or other office equipment is on its last legs, you’re probably wondering about the best course of recycling or disposal. Southeastern Data is your perfect solution. Our office equipment recycling services take care of unwanted IT equipment, networking equipment, electronics, network gear (servers, switches, routers, office phones, computers) and other types of office equipment in a stress-free and environmentally responsible manner.

Here is how we protect your business when recycling office equipment:

Southeastern Data recycles office equipment and all types of other multi-function devices. Did you know that the incorrect disposal of office equipment can be extremely dangerous? Technology in any workplace is not just computers and laptops, it includes telecommunications devices, copy machines, office printers and other multifunction devices that have the ability to do other functions such as, scan, fax and email documents. Some of these devices retain a digital copy, and hard drive with access to all of the information on the documents processed. If not properly handled recycling office equipment could poses a security concern to businesses.
Office equipment can be accessible to many different individuals throughout a company and contain a variety sensitive, corporate and personal information. Office equipment can store data such as customer, health or medical records, company business plans, design, development or employee or financial information. If not properly recycled, data can be retrieved, even if the hard drive have been previously formatted.

Southeastern Data understands how important it is to properly dispose of office equipment, provide reliable data security services and peace of mind, when it comes to the disposal of your company’s unwanted or non-working office equipment. That’s why companies, organization and business of all sizes trust Southeastern Data to recycle their office electronics.

Recycling is good for the economy, the earth and your business!

Southeastern Data is the best choice for helping companies and organizations of all sizes safely and securely dispose of all types of office equipment by providing recycling services which helps to preserve natural resources, reduces waste and helps to keep our customers’ businesses in compliance with e-waste recycling laws.

As an approved electronics disposal facility by the EPA. Southeastern Data provides environmentally safe e-recycling services while providing the maximum environmental benefit for the disposal of all forms of obsolete electronics, computers and office equipment. Southeastern Data serves businesses, schools, universities, hospitals, municipalities, military and government customers in and around Orlando, Florida; West Palm, Florida; Columbus, Ohio; Columbia, South Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; North Carolina and Indiana.
Simply call us at 800.810.0432 or complete our on-line form to schedule a pick-up for your unwanted office equipment or electronic items for e-recycling or drop them off at our conveniently located warehouses in Florida and Ohio. Office equipment recycling has never been easier!
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