Television Recycling

Drop off your television at any of our recycling centers.

Please Note: Southeastern Data does not perform electronic and/or television pick-ups at individual residences, but residents can drop off items at any of our locations during normal operating hours.

Please call us in advance before dropping of tube televisions, projection televisions, and/or non-working flat panel televisions.

We do not want to disappoint you, so please do not just arrive at one of our facilities with any type of television that needs to be recycled. Call first and speak to a Southeastern Data team member to arrange a time and date to make an appointment to drop-off. 

The following items require a recycling fee:

  • All Televisions (televisions are hazardous to recycle due to lead and mercury content) – $35 each
  • Printers and other plastics (ex. VHS tapes) – $0.10lb

If this is not an option for you, For residential television recycling, contact your nearest Municipal or City Recycling Center or you can find a location on the Earth911 – Recycling Center Search Guide

Learn More by calling us at 800.810.0432, we’d love to learn more about you and your organization and how we can help you effectively recycle your electronic equipment.