Refurbish & Redistribute

By refurbishing and redistributing computers, we save many tons of hardware being dumped in landfills each year.

At Southeastern Data, when we collect your old computer equipment, we work hard not only to protect your data but also to find your old technology a new home. You can drop your equipment off at our Ohio and Florida locations, or we can schedule a pickup from your office.

We are unconditionally committed to the protection of your data. We also provide essential reporting that you can show your management team to ensure data deletion standards are being met. By refurbishing and redistributing old computers, the hardware is reused for several more years and several tons of hardware is kept from the landfill each year.
It is estimated that every week more than 16 tons of computer equipment is thrown into local landfills. By allowing Southeastern Data to manage your old computer equipment for reuse, your business supports green initiatives and also helps others in the community. With Southeastern Data, you will give old technology a new purpose and keep it out of the landfills.
Free equipment pickup.
Free certified hard drive data sanitation.
Professional asset release and transfer documentation.
Impact Report detailing the successful redistribution of computers.
Microsoft Certified Refurbisher
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