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Hard Drive Recycling & Destruction – From Southeastern Data

Southeastern Data provides secure hard drive recycling services. We are an e-waste recycling company who understands when it comes to recycling your hard drives, security comes first!

Proper hard drive recycling is vitally important to maintaining data privacy from devices. In today’s digital age, our entire lives are stored on our devices, including e-mails, financial data, personal information, medical information, photos and much more. Too often, hard drive disposal just means a cursory deletion of sensitive information or dumping the PC in the trash, leaving sensitive personal data accessible to savvy cyber criminals. When it’s time to get rid of your old computers, it’s critically important that proper hard drive disposal and hard drive recycling protocols be meticulously followed.

Our professional hard drive destruction and hard drive sanitization services take place in our e-recycling facility and follow all legislative protocols to protect our customers’ sensitive data. Our superior standards of secure hard drive destruction are always in compliance with the requirements set forth by HIPAA or FACT, and guidelines from organizations such as NIST, and DoD. We specialize in permanent data sanitization through hard drive wiping, hard drive degaussing and data destruction through hard drive shredding. We destroy hard drives such that they cannot be restored, and the data cannot be retrieved. Leave your hard drive recycling to the professionals here at Southeastern Data.

E-waste is a huge and growing problem.

Computers contain harmful toxins that must be disposed of properly on order to prevent environmental damage. At Southeastern Data, after we destroy a hard drive, we always recycle responsibly. Our careful hard drive recycling practices provide customers with peace of mind knowing that they are not contributing to the e-waste epidemic and the data on their device is no longer accessible.

At Southeastern Data, we’re good environmental stewards. Upon completion of the hard drive shredding and hard drive wiping you will receive a Certificate of Destruction or Sanitization that come with 100% reliability and guarantee each device is thoroughly protected through the destruction process. Southeastern Data makes it easy to protect your business assets.
Southeastern Data is proud to be part of the NAID AAA Certification® Program which is a voluntary program for NAID® member companies providing information destruction services. Through this is program, Southeastern Data receives announced and unannounced audits to ensure we are consistently complying with all necessary deliverables. This certification meets all Southeastern Data’s clients’ regulatory due diligence on their behalf.

At Southeastern Data, we are proud to be fully certified and highly responsible hard drive e-recyclers. We ensure that each and every hard drive disposal is handled in a manner that protects our clients’ sensitive data as well as the planet. Since 1996, we have provided hard drive wiping and hard drive destruction solutions for thousands of customers. Our unparalleled expertise is probably why we are the data security company of choice for government agencies, hospitals, schools and universities, corporations, municipalities and military installations in and around Orlando, Florida; West Palm, Florida; Columbus, Ohio; Columbia, South Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; North Carolina and Indiana. When you need professional hard drive recycling, you can trust Southeastern Data. We’re experts in ethical hard drive recycling.


Do you have computer hard drives, optical and floppy media that contain confidential data?

Our compact and mobile shredder represents the ultimate convenience in data security and destruction services.

Are you concerned about where this data may end up or how it should be destroyed?

We come right to your place of business and shred your storage media. You will have peace of mind knowing that your critical data has been destroyed both properly and safely.


Hard drives
Backup tapes
Optical media such as DVDs and CDs
Floppy media
Cell phones


Defense Contractors
Medical Offices
Government Agencies
Computer Stores
Credit Card and Merchant Service Companies
Attorney, Lawyers and Law Firms
Banking Institutions
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