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Southeastern Data Electronics Recycling Program for Property Management Companies

With Southeastern Data electronics recycling program for property management, companies can provide a safe and proper recycling option to their current and prospective tenants. Businesses know they shouldn’t just “dump it” but they don’t have alternatives to disposing excess computers or electronics equipment the right way. Southeastern Data works with you to host and coordinate electronic waste recycling drives on your property. We collect and dispose of your tenant’s surplus, older and outdated computers and electronics for recycling provide logistics and packing support, asset management and data security.

Property Management Company E-Recycling Benefits

An e-recycling program is a selling highlight for the property and saves the property money. Some other benefits are:

  • Shows corporate responsibility and a social conscience
  • Provides your tenants a means to correctly dispose of surplus, obsolete or end-of-life computers or electronics
  • Helps your community, property and the environment
  • Keeps you in compliance with waste management regulations regarding e-waste
  • Saves your business money and time in not having to implement special electronic waste management systems
  • Show your property tenants that you “give back” to their community with providing electronics recycling on the property. You will help them to do something for the environment while your property saves money in the process.

What’s more, by recycling, you put your property—and tenants—in compliance with state laws regarding e-waste and save time and money by not having to implement special electronic waste procedures and fees which can add dramatically to your waste management costs
We accept small and larger computers, e-waste and electronics for recycling. To see a common list of electronics items we accept click here.

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